Before we get started, let me guess…

You’re looking to grow your business?

You’re trying to find new ways to get more leads?

You look at your competition showing up at the top of Google and think, “I wish that was me!”

You’d love to build more credibility with your business?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’d like to do all this without breaking the bank?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions…

You’re in the right place.

see how my course has worked for business owners across the country…

I did exactly what Elliot said to do and within a couple of months my business was #1 in my market with different searches and 4 months after starting the program 90% of my clients were coming from Google searches and my revenue had tripled

Angela Strecker, Blue Wings Wedding & Events

"Best $39 I've ever spent! I went from being on the 3rd and 4th page of Google to being ranked on the first page in a matter of 6 weeks."

-Leah WaffulOwner of Bronze515

"With Hipreneur's $39/month, we went from being virtually unlisted, to the third page within a month. Within two months we had a solid spot on the second page. We are now between the first and third companies listed on the FIRST PAGE for our desired keywords!"

-David SheetsOld North Film Company

"In just a few months of incorporating and reworking our SEO under Elliot’s advice, we now come up in the top three for all our keywords."

-Christian MinichScrubtown Brick Paving

"After just 4 months with Hipreneur and minimal effort, thanks to step by step videos...Brittany Kinney Beaute is ranking on the first page of google for multiple searches! There is literally no easier way to achieve this In the amount of time I have and the budget I'm working with."

-Brittany KinneyBrittany Kinney Beaute


I know what you’re thinking…

“SEO is too complicated and too techie for me to ever understand”

You’re not alone! So many of my students feel like SEO is this scary beast that they can’t do alone.

Check out what these business owners had to say:

"As a small business owner you hear the term "SEO" and probably cringe. You know it's important, but it seems so daunting, time consuming, and incomprehensible. It's something that only the big businesses have time to deal with. Right? That's what I thought. Then I talked to Elliot. He made SEO approachable. He gave us a comprehensive plan that was easy to implement. And, we saw results. BIG results!

With a few changes, our google ranking jumped dramatically. You can now find us on the first page for several key search terms. (Happy dance.)

Honestly without Elliot's advice, we wouldn't have made this jump. Can't thank him and Hipreneur enough for their help!"

Jackie Reisenauer, Munster Rose

I’ll be honest, until I worked with hiprenuer, I was downright scared SEO and had no idea where to start. Elliot kept insisting that it’s actually pretty simple and I’m so glad I trusted him. The way he breaks down each section of SEO optimization makes total sense and the best part is, it was relatively painless! With a few simple tweaks I’ve noticed that I’m landing on page one of google searches. So exciting! Thanks Elliot!

Meghan Doll, Meghan Doll Photography

Elliot and Hipreneur make SEO easy! I used to get super overwhelmed every time I tried to tackle anything SEO related until I started the Hiprenuer course…My blog is now ranking higher than it ever has and I feel like I have the tools to continue improving my site’s SEO. I HIGHLY recommend Elliot and Hiprenuer!

Jen Biswas, Paisley + Sparrow

The reality is, so many business owner’s I’ve helped realize that SEO is a lot easier to understand and implement than they ever thought. I love seeing my students show up on PAGE 1 after implementing even simple changes to their website and emails like this always make my day:


Feeling more confident and ready to hear more?

Here’s what I’ve put together for you.

My program is a step-by-step system for you to follow to optimize your website. Online video instruction will guide you through the process and show you exactly what you need to do to get your business ranking higher online. Instructional videos will be strategically dripped out to you from the moment you sign up so you never feel overwhelmed with information and can keep up on your homework with ease. You’re going to love that the pace isn’t overwhelming and will keep you driven to actually take action.

Here’s the best part: my program is only $39 a month.

“$1 Special Offer”

For a limited time, when signing up for Hipreneur U, you will get access to the first month for only $1.

You will be more dangerous than 99% of people out there when it comes to SEO after the first month - and it will be one of the best $1 you ever spent. After that, a modest monthly fee of only $39 a month will apply as long as you want to stay on with the program. We don’t have a long term contract which means you can cancel anytime.

So let me ask you… what do you have to lose?

Here’s the thing. I don’t need to create any urgency and tell you this is a limited time special. This offer shouldn’t be the urgency you need to get started. If you’re here, you know it’s TIME to make changes to your business and improve your SEO. In the online world, the longer you wait to optimize your site, the harder it is going to be for you to rank where you want to be. Each day you wait, you are giving your competition a massive opportunity to get ahead.

Do yourself a favor - start now!

your return on investment could be huge!

Imagine this…

How would it feel one year from now if you only generated one new client from having a stronger online presence?

If you were paying $800 a month (which is the average starting price for most SEO companies for the next 12 months…most are on year long contracts), how much new business would you have to generate in order to see a positive return on your investment (ROI)? If you’re like many businesses I help, it’s significant.

Let’s imagine that you get just one new client in the next 12 months from having a stronger online presence when signing up for my program:


If you’re like one of the average businesses enrolled in Hipreneur U charging the price points above, check out the positive return on investment you would get with just ONE new client in the next 12 months!

Now, imagine you only get one new client in the next TWO YEARS from having a stronger online presence…

The average student will still see a return on their investment.

Big name companies and marketing agencies with high monthly price points have made it difficult for small business owner’s to invest in SEO. This is why so many of our students have had success without breaking the bank.

This is your opportunity to take action!

Have a question? Check out my FAQ…

Can’t I find SEO information for free online?

Absolutely - and good luck!

In 2019, there is so much information on SEO out there. From books at the library, to articles on Google, to videos on YouTube, you can find it all. But as you’ve probably already discovered, information overload and analysis paralysis is the enemy of taking action. Want to know why so many of our students have had success? Because they didn’t have to sift through all the information out there and discover on their own what works and what doesn’t work. They simply started following a system that has been shown to produce results.

When is the content available and how long do I have access to it?

Content is strategically dripped out from the moment you sign up for Hipreneur U. at a pace you can handle and designed so you are not overwhelmed and you actually have time to implement what we show. You will have access to the content as long as you are a member of Hipreneur U.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There is no long term contract and you can cancel anytime by simply clicking on your account profile when logged in or by emailing me.

How long does the course take?

Great question. Content is dripped out from the moment you enroll. As soon as you no longer need access to the content or no longer find it of value, you can (and should) cancel your Hipreneur U membership. My goal and mission, of course, is to keep providing you good value so you want to stay enrolled!

Can you guarantee me results?

No! And run the other way if anyone says they can! Google is a living beast and is constantly changing. While the systems, processes, tips, strategies, tactics, industry secrets and hacks you will learn are best practices, your results will depend on a number of things including your market, competition, and reputation of your business.

Will this work for my website platform?

If you can access your website and make changes to it, it should! Most platforms today allow you to make the necessary changes to optimize your site.

I already have a basic understanding of SEO - will this be a good fit for me?

This is always a tough question to answer so here are my thoughts…In addition to my flagship SEO workshop, I’ll occasionally offer an advanced SEO workshop. In almost every case, the students who are convinced they don’t need my first workshop and are ready for the advanced workshop almost always have that “look on their face” when I’m recapping what I taught in the first workshop. While many of these people understand some basic principles, they don’t REALLY understand how to properly execute and implement the basic principles. So, I end up trying to do a quick refresh and then encourage them to go to the first workshop. The point is, if you’re reading this right now and that is your concern, sign up and give the first month a test drive. See if it is beneficial for you. If it isn’t, you can cancel or you can let me know in the first 30 days and I’ll refund your $1. How’s that for an answer?


So, what do you have to lose? Enroll today for only $1!

I keep finding myself recommending him to everyone around me!…I'm now ranking on the first page of results for all three of my services!!! Can't recommend him enough."

Katrina Widener, Life Coach

Elliot broke down the information and taught it in such an intuitive, comprehensive way…The business now has a very successful SEO profile and with Elliot's help, a solid website that is an anchor to the marketing plan.

Stephanie Guidera, Machine Shop


100% Satisfaction guarantee

I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you…

Get your $1 back if your not impressed and excited about Hipreneur U in the first 30 days!

Simply email me in the first 30 days and I’ll happily refund your $1 investment.

Hi Elliot! I just wanted to reach out and say I'm so glad I came across Hipreneur for my SEO needs. I own a wedding & event planning business in the Twin Cities and SEO has been on my radar for a while (like... 2 years, ha). While I had heard the term "SEO" before, I was scared. It sounded complicated and techy, and like something I thought I'd never have time for. Therefore, it ended up low on the list of priorities for me. With wedding season recently ending, I thought I better tackle this thing called SEO and I started with your Hipreneur U online course. Let's just say it has been an AMAZING experience and you've broken down this big scary thing called "SEO" and made it, well, pretty easy actually! I'm not exactly sure where I was ranking before (probably on at least the 8th or 9th page...) but I'm happy to report I've ended up on the first and second pages of Google of where I want to be ranking. I've received many inquires recently that found me on "Google", whereas a few months ago, I can't say we ever had a Google inquiry to the day. Thank you so much! I am excited to continue Hipreneur U and see how else it can help me!

Melody Hall , Events by Melody