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My Story & How I Can Help You 

One day while leaving a meeting with a small business owner, IT HIT ME. 

What if there was a way to show small businesses who can’t afford an $800-$2,000 month online marketing campaign, how they could replicate one on their own. I knew it could be done, because we had done it and we had reaped the benefits. And now we want to show you how to do the same.

So let me back up…

For the last four years, I’ve been in the industry of selling businesses services to rank higher and improve their online presence on Google. I connected with well over 1000 small businesses and guess what 9 out of every 10 owners would tell me? 

They’d say, “Elliot, I know I need a service to help me rank higher. But I simply can’t afford an $800 - $2,000 a month online marketing campaign.” 

Does this resonate with you and your business? Well it sure did for me.  

Here I was selling these services, knowing how important they were, yet my wife, who was starting her own small business and who would be an ideal prospect, couldn’t afford them.

So we were left making the same decision every small business owner struggles with. 

  1. We do nothing. 
  2. We pull the trigger and cross our fingers we get a return on our investment.
  3. We do it ourselves.

Doing nothing was not an option. Being in the industry and knowing how much business my wife was leaving on the table (for her competition) was driving me nuts. I knew we had to do something.

We debated pulling the trigger (and believe me, I ran the numbers over and over), but as a small business trying to get off the ground, we just couldn’t risk or justify an $800/mo investment.

So ultimately, we were forced to DIY it.

Knowing how important it was to get her to the top and to do it quickly, I studied and implemented different strategies and tactics, experimenting with everything I knew like a mad scientist, and I’m proud to say, for the last 3 years, her business has ranked at the top of Google for every service we’ve optimized her website for. 

It started small with her business receiving a surge of inquiries from clients out of state, then leading to publicity opportunities, first locally and eventually on a national level for big names like Brides, Martha Stewart Affiliates and NBC, and now is her #1 source for landing all clients and press.

And HERE’S THE KICKER! How much did we spend? Get this: a whopping $14/mo (our website’s hosting fee). 

But the bigger kicker? It wasn’t that hard to do. Let me explain. 

For industries where businesses have big advertising budgets and can afford to hire SEO companies, the Google battleground is being determined by how well those agencies optimize their client’s websites. This is an Agency vs. Agency battle for the best real estate on Google.

But for industries who are dominated by small businesses with small budgets, no one has ever been able to afford to pay high SEO fees. So Google is like the Wild Wild West.

It’s a DIYer vs. DIYer battleground.  

And since few DIYers truly understand SEO, this has created a unique and massive opportunity for those small business owners willing to put in a little SEO work to outrank their colleagues. 

So when our closest friends, family, and businesses within our circle of influence started asking for my help with their online presence, I wanted to help them replicate exactly what we did. 

Now I want to show YOU how.

If you’re not happy with your online presence, it's time to start learning about how we can help you.

What do you have to lose?


About Elliot  

Hipreneur is owned and operated by Elliot Saltzman. Elliot understands how to generate new business and is an expert in sales. As a college student, Elliot made over $50,000 in 10 weeks selling door-to-door for a summer job. At 22, he was appointed VP of Sales & Marketing for a startup construction company and grew sales to 2.2 million in the first 9 months. During his time in sales, he quickly became passionate about studying different tactics and strategies businesses use to acquire new business. Over the past 6 years, Elliot has connected with over 2,000 small business owners and has learned the best ways to getting the “phone to ring,” as well as the common mistakes small businesses make “burning money” on non revenue producing tactics. Elliot is passionate about speaking and training on business growth and in 2012, wrote a book called “How to become a Million Dollar Speaker” which has recently been seen in Success Magazine. 

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